Ordinary Life Division products: SIMPL

SIMPL stands for “Simplified Issue Market PermaLife”.  It is aimed at the Final Expense market and is a simplified issue whole life policy with guaranteed premiums, face amount and case values offered on a sex distinct, non-tobacco use basis using a simple non-medical application.

Modified Whole LifeThe MWL with a Positive Outlook”

MWL is a simplified issue modified whole life policy issued standard to Table 22 using our “SIMPL” application.

During the first 3 years, the accidental death benefit is 100% of the face amount while the non-accidental death benefit is equal to a refund of premiums plus 10%.

During the 4th year, the death benefit is 100% followed by 105% in the 5th year and 110% in the 6th thereafter.


Flex4Life is a non-participating whole life policy with a level death benefit, guaranteed level premiums and guaranteed cash values.  It allows the applicant to choose from 4 Premium Payment Durations at the point of purchase.